Sunday, 3 October 2010
Lion Air, Wings Air Expansion In Q3 2010
In early September, Lion Air and its subsidiary company Wings Air, opened some new routes in several cities in Bali, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Kalimantan. Wings Air deploys the eighth ATR72-500 (propeller) with capacity 72 seats, while Lion Air deploys Boeing 737-400 (jet) to Palangkaraya. Press Release says in detail that Wings Air would open four new routes: Semarang-Denpasar p.p., Denpasar-Mataram p.p., Denpasar-Tambolaka p.p., and Denpasar-Bima p.p. Meanwhile, Lion Air opens Surabaya-Palangkaraya p.p. Wings Air new route effective since 6 September includes Semarang-Denpasar p.p. and Denpasar-Mataram p.p. with frequency two flights per day for each. The Denpasar-Tambolaka p.p. meanwhile is served by 4 flights a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday). The Denpasar-Bima p.p. route will served by 3 flights a week (Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday). The Lion Air's Surabaya-Palangkaraya starting September 7, 2010 will serve 1 flight a day. Earlier, Lion Air has served Semarang-Denpasar p.p. and transit in Surabaya. The frequency of the route will be added with one more flight a day. Lion and Wings eyed a market potency of these regions Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and Kalimantan. In addition, this also means to support the economic growth of these regions and back up the their tourism sector. This is in line with the companies commitment to improving service under principle of safety policy, security policy, quality policy, as well as expand the market share and increase revenue. "We predict the load factors of the new routes will reach 90%, with passengers of any classes (segments). The new routes are in line with the company's plan in increasing capacity and adding number of fleets," said Lion Air General Director Edward Sirait. Recently (August), Lion Air procured 2 new fleets Boeing 737-900 Extended Range (B737-900ER). So, Lion Air has accepted 40 B737-900ER, of the total 178 units ordered. The 39th B737-900ER with registered number PK-LHH landed in Jakarta on August 23, while the 40th with registered number PK-LHI on August 25. With the two additional airplanes, Lion operates 56 units in total, including 40 B737-900ER, 2 B747-400, 2 B737-300, 8 B737-400 and 4 MD-90. (YS)
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TIKI juga menghimbau para pelanggannya menggunakan layanan JEMPOL (Jemput Online) untuk menghindari antrian di gerai.

April 6, 2020

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