Friday, 22 June 2018
MABkargo Aces Another Oil and Gas Charter

MAB Kargo Sdn Bhd (MABkargo) recently aced another charter flight after successfully landing in Bintulu, Sarawak of East Malaysia with almost 72 tonnes of bulk cargo.

The charter for a renowned global oil and gas company, which utilized the metal and call sign of partner airline Silkway West, originated from Leipzig, Germany. Flight 7L9203 touched down in Bintulu Airport (BTU) at 1930 (LT) after a quick transit in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The MABkargo team conducted a detailed planning process to prepare the bulky cargo for loading into and unloading from the B747-400F. To support the jumbo jet’s operations in Bintulu Airport, ground support equipment were specially brought in from Kuching and Miri airports.

“The oil & gas industry’s charters have always been very challenging and more often than not, present logistical intricacies. In this case, we had to prep a small airport to receive a big aircraft. With the support of a great ground handling team and local airport authorities, we made it happen today”, said Amiroel Shazrie Yussof, MABkargo’s Sales & Marketing General Manager.

“Charter flights are ideal for the oil & gas industry as they allow our customers to work on their own schedule utilizing the most convenient airports. Over the years, MABkargo has gained immense experience from coordinating and successfully delivering oil and gas equipment to a number of destinations worldwide. We have also handled many types of charters – oil & gas, Grand Prix, concert equipment and livestock movements being the major ones. Our experience in handling charters created a niche strength for us and has secured the trust of our customers. Today, charter flights are a key revenue generator for MABkargo” he ended.

Author: Martin Jop
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