Sunday, 16 May 2021
CMA CGM AIR CARGO: The Group demonstrates its ability to transport emergency humanitarian relief between France and India

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, is mobilizing its logistics, shipping, and aerial expertise to help the Indian population severely affected by COVID-19 pandemic, alongside the French Government.

An A330-200F Airbus from CMA CGM AIR CARGO fleet made available for an emergency humanitarian transport to India

Thanks to its new airfreight division CMA CGM AIR CARGO, the Group was able to mobilize an Airbus A330-200F from its fleet and to offer a fast and agile transport solution to the French government to transport 8 medical oxygen generator plants between Paris and Delhi. After being trucked to Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle airport (France) by its subsidiary CEVA Logistics, the units were delivered to eight Indian hospitals a few hours later.

The CMA CGM Group is mobilizing its logistics, airfreight, and shipping expertise to offer a range of solutions adapted to its customers

For this international solidarity operation, the Group is mobilizing the resources of its logistics subsidiary CEVA and will also transport containers specially designed for the transport of liquefied oxygen between Qatar and India. Complementary to shipping and intermodal solutions, airfreight transport enables the CMA CGM Group to offer a strengthened logistics offer with complete, fast, and agile solutions for its customers.

CMA CGM AIR CARGO: a fast and flexible transport solution to meet the evolving needs of supply chains

With its fleet of four cargo aircraft with a total capacity of 240 tonnes, CMA CGM AIR CARGO offers an enhanced logistics solution to meet the growing demand of its customers for new, complete, fast, and agile solutions. This solution is adapted to emergency transport and to the fast-evolving needs of supply chains.

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