Sunday, 3 January 2021
The Awards During Pandemic, Demonstrating SiCepat Creativity to Innovate and Gen Z Consumer Choices

SiCepat Ekspres (SiCepat), an express service company that was founded in 2014, where delivery time is the main focus of its services. Based on the latest technology systems, SiCepat has branches and outlets that spread across various cities in Indonesia, with the slogan “Ketika Semua Jadi Mudah” (When Everything Is Easy), where SiCepat answers all the needs of the e-commerce business.

Recently, to Cargo Times (CT), the Chief Marketing Officer of SiCepat Ekspres, Wiwin Dewi Herawati (Mrs. Wiwin) gave her opinion about the achievement of the company and, hopes, for future business activities, especially express services.

CT: The right business ecosystem is one that is sustainable. How do companies run a business in order to remain sustainable, in terms of services to customers?

Mrs Wiwin : SiCepat Ekspres is well aware that services to customers is the main thing that should be the focus of the company so that the business is running sustainably. Therefore, SiCepat Ekspres presents CLM (Customer Loyalty Program) to be able to provide services to customers, especially to online shop sellers who have joined as members and are loyal to use SiCepat services. Through this program, SiCepat Ekspress supports all sellers to expand their businesses by giving various benefits that may be beneficial for the sellers through the Loyalty Program. Through this program, SiCepat supports sellers to keep innovating and develop businesses by providing benefits in the form of product photos to commercial videos to increase promotion. That way, both SiCepat and the sellers can establish good relationships and get profits so that their businesses can be sustainable.

CT: Recently, SiCepat succeeded to achieve two awards from Marketeers Magazine. Could you tell us briefly about the awards?

Mrs Wiwin : SiCepat Ekspres just obtained two awards from Marketeers Magazine.

- First, an award at the Omni Brands of the Year 2020 event held by Marketeers Magazine. This award is given to brands that have carried out Omni marketing by combining online and offline approaches to product innovation strategies, marketing communications, and distribution channels.

SiCepat Ekspres successfully won two awards, namely “Building a 360 Marketing Campaign” and “Offering Products on Multiplatform”. This award was obtained due to the performances and achievements of SiCepat which has succeeded in utilizing 360 marketing strategies, SiCepat tries to pay attention to all aspects of marketing with the concept of Profitable Marketing that focuses on Customer Management, Product Management, and also Brand Management.

- Second, the Marketeers Youth Choice Awards in the Courier Service category on November 26, 2020. This award event was held to find out which companies or brands in Indonesia have a place in the hearts of Gen Z Indonesian consumers. Marketeers conducted this survey online from early October to mid-November 2020. This survey captured at least 1,300 respondents spread across Indonesia, aged 18 - 25 years. For the courier service company category, SiCepat Ekspres is chosen by Gen Z as a shipping service provider with the best and fast service.

Apart from Marketeers Magazine, previously SiCepat also received the TOP Innovation Award 2020 which was organized by Tras N Co and HaLu (Harga Mulai Lima Ribu) products were chosen as products that have extraordinary innovation value, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic. The 2020 TOP Innovation Award is assessed based on 3 (three) assessment methods, namely; Innovation Idea Aspect, Innovation Advantage Aspect, and Innovation Differentiation Aspect.

CT: What strategies does the company apply to anticipate the spike of goods delivery at the end of the year?

Mrs Wiwin : To anticipate the spike in shipping volume at the end of this year, there are several strategies that we implement. Among them are strengthening IT system-based services, adding manpower and infrastructure. The infrastructure readiness, IT systems, manpower, and commitment 1-2 days delivery are in accordance with the Service Level Agreement (SLA) which always reaches more than 97% each month in 2020.

In addition to this readiness, the spike of packages is also due to innovations put out by SiCepat this year, named HaLu (prices starting at five thousand) products, SIUNTUNG (cheap shipping for social commerce users), and GOKIL (Kargo Kilat or Express Cargo) which make shipping prices more affordable with an estimated delivery. same as regular service.

CT: What is the company’s strategy in helping the purchasing power of the public (consumers) amid the Covid-19 Pandemic?

Mrs Wiwin : By launching new product innovations, named HALU (Prices Starting at Five Thousand), SiUNTUNG, and GOKIL (Express Cargo). HALU’s products itself is targeting the marketplace segmentation, SiUntung is targeting social commerce segmentation, and GOKIL is targeting cargo shipping segmentation. The three products were launched in order to ease people to choose affordably and needed delivery services. Through these promos and product innovations, SiCepat hopes that this can help stimulate people’s purchasing power so that people are not burdened with expensive shipping rates but do not reduce delivery speed.

Still regarding HaLU products, to hook the younger generation, this time SiCepat Ekspres is the main sponsor to cast around talented singers, the “Indonesian Idol Special Season” which was initiated by the RCTI television station. SiCepat and Indonesian Idol have the same vision and mission. If Indonesian idols provide opportunities for young people to realize the dream of becoming an idol singer, then SiCepat through HaLU products provides an opportunity for the public to be able to enjoy cheap shipping prices without reducing the quality of services and delivery.

CT: The Indonesian government is optimistic that the economy will rise after vaccination. Are companies optimistic about facing business in 2021 after the vaccination process?

Mrs Wiwin : We are optimistic that the Indonesian economy will revive in 2021. Especially in line with the presence of a vaccine that is being tried by the Government. In line with the Government’s steps in the new normal strategy, of course, we, SiCepat Ekspres, are optimistic to face business in 2021.

Author: Martin Jop
GO Ina

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