Tuesday, 19 July 2022
EVA in AirlineRatings’ Top 20 World’s Best Airlines for 2022

As countries reopen to visitors and global travel resumes, EVA Air has again earned a spot among AirlineRatings’ World’s Top 20 Best Airlines, ranking 8th. In January, the influential online product, safety and COVID-19 protections site recognized EVA in 9thplace in the World’s Safest Airlines for 2022.*

“EVA Air has always been at the forefront of cabin innovation, starting with its premium economy in 1992,” said AirlineRatings Editor-in-Chief Geoffrey Thomas. “EVA Air continues to deliver a top-quality product and service and is a standout airline.”

EVA has been busy during COVID lockdowns, finding ways to enhance and improve the airline travel experience for its passengers. To speed up airport processes and reduce person-to-person contacts, it created new check-in counter graphics in bright, easy-to-recognize colors and streamlined services from online booking and seat/meal selection to automated conveniences such as check-in. It has also been piloting a boarding system using biometrics with facial recognition.

Earlier this year, it introduced the EVA e-Library, giving passengers more inflight reading choices, creating more convenient and comfortable flying experiences and eliminating a significant amount of newspaper and magazine waste. It continues to seek, evaluate and implement actions to help achieve its commitment to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

AirlineRatings.com regularly monitors and assesses more than 385 airlines, rigorously scrutinizing and rating them based on a system of one-to-seven stars. Data reviewed through its Awards of Excellence evaluation process includes age of a carrier’s fleet, audited passenger reviews and product offerings. Editors also considered airlines’ Covid-19 responses, safety practices and profitability.

EVA will continue to improve services and operations, identify new passenger comforts and conveniences, upgrade its fleet and adapt inflight amenities to meet the highest health safety standards. With quality service and safety as its consistent goal, EVA aims always to give passengers the best possible inflight experiences.

*) More information about the ratings site and its awards can be found at www.airlineratings.com. Updates about EVA’s schedules, services and COVID safety practices are available at http://www.evaair.com/.

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