Saturday, 2 July 2011
Panalpina Adds Air Cargo Services With Direct Weekly Flight Between HK And U.S
The global forwarding and logistics group, Panalpina has strengthened its own controlled air freight network with the addition of an exclusive direct cargo flight between Huntsville, Alabama (U.S) and Hong Kong. The new weekly flight strategically enhances the existing Dragon Wings express air service from Hong Kong to Huntsville, Alabama and further strengthens the Brazilian Wings express service which offers an airport-to-airport transit time of 30 hours from Hong Kong via Huntsville to Sao Paulo in Brazil. As with its sister services - "Dragon Wings and Brazilian Wings" - Panalpina is using B747-400F aircraft operated by Atlas Air. Panalpina will launch its inaugural direct flight from Huntsville to Hong Kong on May 12, 2011. According to the Huntsville Airport Authority, it will be the first ever direct service flight to Hong Kong out of Huntsville. "The exclusive routing of a second flight from Hong Kong with a turnaround from Huntsville back to Hong Kong offers increased flexibility, reduced transport time and guaranteed delivery on the transpacific lane," explains Matthias Frey, Head of Panalpina's Own Controlled Network. "Using the Boeing 747-400F for this route enables a strong focus on temperature sensitive cargo and pharmaceuticals transport. Coupled with Panalpina's trusted road feeder service network, we can offer customers stable, own controlled air freight capacity linking Hong Kong with North America and Brazil directly," added Frey. William J. Flynn, President and CEO of Atlas Air Worldwide, said: "We are delighted that Panalpina has added another leg to its own controlled network. We are proud to deliver operational excellence and infrastructure and support Panalpina in delivering new solutions and value to its customers." Panalpina and Atlas have enjoyed a strong partnership in support of Panalpina's own controlled air freight network. Their longstanding and successful relationship guarantees timely and secure service to all Panalpina customers. The legendary Panalpina" Dixie Jet" has been in operation for over 20 years with its main US gateway located in Huntsville, Alabama. Panalpina's Huntsville Gateway, the heart of Panalpina's own controlled air freight network in the U.S., provides flights regularly connecting Luxembourg, Dubai, South Africa, Hong Kong, North America and Latin America.(mar) pic: panalipina
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April 6, 2020

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March 28, 2020

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