Sunday, 8 May 2016
Garuda Indonesia Boost the Air Cargo Business
PT Garuda Indonesia (Garuda) will boost the air cargo business. Garuda expected the revenue of air cargo could raise more than 20% from the current cargo revenue that is only contribute less than 10% of the revenue in the last years. The President Director of Garuda Indonesia, M. Arif Wibowo said, one of the efforts is to enhance the cargo demand by adding the door-to-door service for customers. Previously, it was only port-to-port service. "But we don't play business in freight. We still use the services of our partners like PT Pos Indonesia. Yes, our revenue yielded from cargo is very small, less than 10% or between US$ 260-300 million. We want to increase it to more than 20% this year," M. Arif explained it in the Garuda Indonesia's Head Office, Tangerang, on March 15, 2016. Garuda in 2015 carried cargoes for 351.741 tons. "There is no additional plane. We maximize the existing planes for we don't have a freighter. Last year, the cargoes declined due to an increase in passengers' capacity. I think the growth is very high. We opened Amsterdam route and in one day we could obtain 15-16 tons per day," M. Arief said. Indeed, he continued, Garuda added another Director who is specialized in handling cargo distribution. "To be more focused, we added one director to handle cargo services so that the cargo could increase," M. Arif said.
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