Sunday, 30 September 2018
Five Ton CDD Long Trucks Now Available at Deliveree

On September 4, 2018, Deliveree revealed the immediate launch of CDD long trucks (double engkel box long trucks) available on its mobile and web app anywhere in Jabodetabek (Jakarta Bogor Depok Tangerang Bekasi). 

CDD long trucks are amongst Indonesia’s most popular medium to long haul trucks with cargo capacity of approximately 18 cubic meter and 5 tons. 

“Deliveree is Indonesia’s only logistics platform that provides customers a full range of vehicles including commercial class trucks down to city cars for the transport of goods, merchandise, and cargo. Our launch of CDD Long is further testimony to this commitment,” says Reza Pahlevi, Deliveree’s Head of Supply.

At this time, their CDD long trucks can be booked for pickup anywhere in Jabodetabek to destinations anywhere in Java at prices they claim to be well below market levels.

“We maintain our commitment to bringing our business and individual customers everyday prices that are the lower than all other options in the market. You will generally find out prices 20 - 30 per cent lower than industry rates,” says Rico Soselisa, Deliveree’s Head of Commercial. 

Deliveree informs that they are just getting started. With a fast expansion schedule, they intend to bring their full selection of commercial trucks and vehicles to more cities in Java this year and next.

Deliveree is a mobile and web application to book and manage pickups and deliveries in selected metro areas across Southeast Asia. Deliveree marketplace connects businesses and individuals with qualified drivers and their vehicles to provide affordable and trustworthy logistics service that corresponds to Deliveree high quality standards.

Presently, Deliveree is serving businesses and individuals in Bangkok, Jabodetabek, and Manila with more locations coming soon.

Author: Martin Jop
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