Monday, 12 September 2022
J&T International Launches "J&T One Packet" Small Parcel Delivery Service to Europe and North America

J&T Express ("J&T"), an international express logistics company, announces today that its international logistics arm J&T International has recently launched "J&T One Packet" service. By leveraging its advantages of all-encompassing cross-border resources, J&T International aims to provide cross-border small parcel delivery service at favorable prices with reliability and efficiency to domestic customers who send parcels from Chinese Mainland to Europe and North America.

As the international logistics arm of J&T Express, J&T International relies on J&T Express' abundant global logistics resources and strong business network. Its business, covering about 100 countries and regions around the world, includes cross-border small parcels, international freight forwarding, international warehousing solutions, supporting multiple transportation methods including air, sea and ground shipping. J&T International also leverages the advantages of its self-clearance service, self-built warehousing and self-owned terminals to provide customized logistics solutions for all customers.

The launch of " J&T One Packet " provides an economical option for sending small parcels to Europe and North America, which helps to address sellers' concern over costs effectiveness and improves their overall margin. This service will provide merchants of 3C products, accessories and small commodities the most cost-effective solution. In terms of delivery speed, from pickup to receipt, J&T Tracking tracks the whole process, and it takes 7-15 working days to arrive by air.

Charles Hou, Group Vice President of J&T Express, said: "Since our establishment seven years ago, J&T Express has seen rapid development of its cross-border business from international warehousing to cross-border small parcels, apart from the local express networks in 13 countries across the world. Coupled with global trade, especially cross-border e-commerce development, we constantly upgrade products and businesses to maximize value for our customers, and I believe by doing so, it will lay a strong foundation for the company's sustainable and rapid growth."

According to Jason Yang, president of J&T International, as the scale of global cross-border e-commerce continues to expand, J&T International will leverage J&T Express' existing logistics resources to continue invest in global logistics infrastructure and build its underlying business strength. This will help provide cross-border sellers with customized, all-encompassing products and services and facilitate the rapid growth of cross-border business sectors.

In addition to the continuous upgrade of the cross-border small parcel business, in terms of freight forwarding, J&T International has established an air-sea network to accelerate global logistics interconnection thanks to its direct collaboration with airlines and shipping companies. Meanwhile, the powerful combination of self-clearance, self-built overseas warehousing and self-owned terminal delivery has provided J&T International necessary catalyst for the development of cross-border B2C and B2B businesses.

With the rapid development of cross-border business and steady expansion of international network, J&T Express has been actively consolidating its leadership in Southeast Asia market by constantly upgrading its express delivery network and services. The company invested RM 600 million ($136 million) to acquire a land in Malaysia in May this year and announced the expansion of two sorting centres in Indonesia last month to meet growing local business demand and improve working environment for employees. Looking ahead, J&T will remain committed to "Connect the World with Greater Efficiency and Bring Logistical Benefits to All", while promoting the healthy development of the logistics industry and contributing to the local communities we operate in.

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