Monday, 3 April 2023
EVA Air Launches Taipei-Clark Route

EVA Air (EVA) launched its Taipei-Clark maiden flight on March 30. This latest addition to its convenient Philippines schedule joins popular Manila and Cebu service. EVA celebrated its newest destination with an inaugural flight ceremony at Taoyuan International Airport hosted by the airline’s President Clay Sun. Distinguished guests, including Taoyuan International Airport Corporation Chairman Wei-Fuu Yang, Aviation Police Bureau Chief Wen-Liang Chiou, Border Affairs Corps. Deputy Chief Commander Szu-Hsing Chen, Customs Administration Director Kuo-Hsin Fang, and Deputy Resident Manila Economic and Cultural Office Representative Alice Q. Visperas cut the ribbon, in a simple, festive ceremony.

“EVA Air has been deeply committed to the Philippines market from the day we launched Manila flights in 1992,” said EVA President Clay Sun. “After more than 30 years of comfortable, convenient services, we are proud to offer 35 flights every week to three important Philippines destinations, Manila, Cebu and now Clark.” “

EVA offers three flights a day from Taipei to Manila, one a day from to Cebu and, now, one daily to Clark.

“The Taipei-Clark route launch makes travel between Taiwan and the Philippines convenient for passengers traveling between Taiwan and the Philippines and all of those transiting through Taipei from gateways around the world.” President Sun added...”Starting with Vienna in 1991, we have steadily built our networks in North America and Europe and passengers from both continents are embracing the convenience of our schedules and flight frequencies. On today’s maiden flight, more than 80% of our passengers flew from North America and Europe to Taoyuan International Airport to connect on to Clark aboard EVA. This demonstrates the convenience of our service and the importance of Taoyuan International Airport as a connection hub in Asia.”

Adding to the Clark launch festivities, an Evergreen Symphony Orchestra quartet performed a program that was both energetic and relaxing, presenting compositions such as “Spanish Gypsy Dance” and “Sway.”

Especially for the maiden flight, EVA’s chefs created popular and celebratory Filipino dishes. Business Class passengers enjoyed deliciously refreshing Filipino spring roll salad followed by a choice of Filipino-style main course options, “Mechado Beef Served with Assorted Vegetables and Garlic Rice” or the Philippines’ national dish “Adobo Chicken Served with Assorted Vegetables and Potatoes.” Passengers in all cabins had the opportunity to sample Din Tai Fung’s pineapple cake, longan cake and LOT100 mango gummies. EVA also offered coconut water from the Philippines, giving Clark passengers a taste of another Filipino favorite.

EVA is flying the Taipei-Clark route, using an Airbus A321-200 with a total of 184 seats, eight in Business Class and 176 in Economy. Flights are conveniently scheduled and make connections easy:


Clark is northwest of Angeles City, Pampanga Province, the Philippines. It is a key economic and trade development zone for the country in addition to offering good local security and beautiful scenery. Strong economic development combined with the pleasant climate, beautiful beaches, water activities and more outdoor adventure opportunities near inviting resorts create an ideal environment for potential business and tourism development. Light aircraft flights, zip lining, cave exploration, island hopping, snorkeling, sea walking, surfing, multiple golf courses, equestrian centers and more make the area exceedingly attractive to those who love the outdoors.

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