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Wednesday, 15 May 2024
J&T Express Tops Vietnam's Delivery Service Quality with 100% On-time Rate

J&T Express, a global logistics service provider, achieved an unparalleled 100% on-time delivery rate in Vietnam's latest service quality assessment by the Ministry of Information and Communications, underscoring its exceptional operational efficiency and steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction.

The assessment evaluated the quality of non-public postal services through data collected on any 3 days of the first 3 quarters of 2023 from 10 major postal enterprises representing over 80% of market output and revenue. Over the 3-day period, the total number of postal items of 10 businesses was 16.7 million, with more than 4.7 million used to evaluate service quality. J&T Express was the only company to attain the 100% on-time delivery rate. The assessment aims to enable customers to make informed choices based on these businesses' performance.

"Our customers are at the heart of everything we do at J&T Express. We relentlessly focus on elevating our people, network, and technology to boost operational prowess, service excellence, and support for online sellers. Our delivery solutions integrate advanced technologies to streamline operations and optimize costs, ensuring each customer's parcel is delivered safely and on time", said Mr. Phan Binh, the Brand Director of J&T Express Vietnam.

As a prominent player in the express delivery segment of the Vietnamese market, J&T Express has not only upheld its commitment to timely delivery but has also made significant strides in reducing delivery time. In 2023, the company achieved a remarkable 6.5% reduction in average parcel delivery time in Southeast Asia compared to the previous year.

J&T Express has designed the JMS system, a universal technology framework that encompasses a broad range of critical functions, which can help build and continually upgrade the address digitalization system in each market, allocate transportation and network resources, track and monitor the full lifecycle of parcels, ensure quality customer services, manage complex finance processes, and assist management personnel of pickup and delivery outlets in enhancing their management efficiency.

In September 2023, J&T Express was honored with the "Asian Technology Excellence Awards," by Asian Business Review, recognizing the company for its proprietary software that efficiently manages and processes data, along with its deployment of the JMS system across 13 countries.

J&T Express's commitment to technological innovation has not only yielded significant improvements in logistics efficiency, resulting in delivery time reduction and cost savings, but also reduced environmental impact, fostering sustainable economic development.

Looking ahead, J&T Express is dedicated to pushing boundaries, leveraging technology, and continuous improvements to surpass customer expectations and deliver unparalleled postal services. J&T Express's unwavering dedication to excellence establishes it as a reliable choice for customers, providing them with exceptional service and fostering a culture of innovation in the ever-changing realm of logistics.

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