Monday, 16 February 2015
CPSL Welcomes New Customer - EVA Air
Cathay Pacific Services Limited CPSL) is pleased to announce that the company has commenced its cargo operations and documentation services for EVA Air (BR) at the Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal on 5th January 2015. CPSL Chief Executive Officer Kelvin Ko said: "The transition went extremely well. Thanks to the tremendous efforts of the teams over the past six months. EVA is renowned for its commitment to exemplary safety and service standards. We are thrilled to be entrusted to provide best-in-class services to our customers supporting their growth and development in the region." "We appreciate the commitment CPSL has been demonstrating to facilitate our cargo operations in Hong Kong," Mr James Chiou, General Manager of EVA Airways Corp. (Hong Kong Branch) added. "We look forward to making closer collaboration with them." Ko continued. "Apart from standards and quality, CPSL also shares the same vision with EVA in customer services. EVA has an outstanding reputation providing made-to-order solutions for the industry, while CPSL specialises in customisation in cargo operations. We are committed to going extra miles to create values for shippers in partnership with our airline customers." Having established its cargo operations in Hong Kong since 1996, EVA Air has been playing an important role in transporting shipments between Hong Kong and Taiwan. Currently, BR operates 60 scheduled passenger flights and 15 scheduled freighters a week. The Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal, specially designed for cargo hub operations, is capable of handling 2.6 million tonnes of throughput per year, increasing Hong Kong International Airport's annual capacity by 50 per cent to 7.4 million tonnes. In January 2008, CPSL was officially formed and was awarded a 20-year franchise by the Airport Authority Hong Kong to design, build and operate a new air cargo terminal at the Hong Kong International Airport - Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal.
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