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MY Indo Airlines Supports Indonesian Government to Distribute Covid-19 Vaccines

MY Indo Airlines plays a role in transporting and distributing Covid-19 vaccines in Indonesia. The new cargo company recently flew vaccines, from Shenzhen, China, to Jakarta using its Boeing 737-400 Freighter (B734-F) ‘Al-Miraj’ with a capacity of 17 tons. All vaccines will be delivered to 34 provinces after a series of tests and trials from the authorities.

MY Indo Airlines Senior Vice President Administration/Finance & Business Development, Winda J. Maukar hopes to make a positive contribution to the country’s efforts in dealing with the pandemic.

“The success of the Covid-19 vaccines transportation project will be an important milestone to our company’s strength to handle diverse commodities tailored to our customer needs,” Maukar says.

According to Maukar, transporting vaccines from China on November 19 to Indonesia is not their only experience. Since September 2021, MY Indo Airlines has made several requests from their business partner to load the Pfizer vaccines from its transit hub of Singapore to Jakarta.

MY Indo Airlines has then distributed them to cities in 34 provinces, such as Medan, Makassar, Pontianak, Mataram, Kupang, Manado, Banjarmasin, Palangkaraya, Pekanbaru, Padang, Palu, Bengkulu, Ternate, Ambon, Berau, Banda Aceh, Pangkal Pinang, Jambi, Pekanbaru, Kupang, Gorontalo, Kendari, and Mamuju. The vaccines are shipped by refrigerated trucks to its final destinations after unloading from the aircraft. The entire distribution chains are under tight escort by the armed forces and the police (TNI and Polri).

MY Indo Airlines guarantees that the quality of vaccines sent to each region, which averages 100-300 kg, will not be damaged. “The vaccines packaging from the country of origin has been conditioned in isolated boxes and using coolers (dry ice or ice gel),” Maukar adds.

About MY Indo Airlines

MY Indo Airlines, a national carrier specifically for cargo, obtained its legality in 2012, and its operational permit (an Air Operator’s Certificate or AOC) in August 2014. The airline’s first operation was in October 2014, at Halim Perdanakusuma Airport, for Jakarta - Singapore route.

It currently has five fleets (Boeings), they are: PK-MYY (B737-300F) ‘Hud-Hud’; PK-MYC (B737-300F) ‘Al-Buraq’; PK-MYV (B737-400F) ‘An-Nur’; PK-MYJ (B737-400F) ‘Al-Mi’raj’; PK-MYR (B737-200C) ‘As-Shaheed’.

MY Indo Airlines’s international route and flights frequency are as follows:

1). Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (CGK) - Changi Airport, Singapura (SIN), 2 times a day/weekly,

2). CGK - Bao’an International Airport Shenzhen, China (SZX), 5 times a week,

3). CGK - Tân Son Nhât International Airport, Vietnam (SGN), 4 times a week,

4). Juanda International Airport (SUB) - SIN, 2 times a week, and,

5). Ahmad Yani International Airport (SRG) - SIN, 3 times a week.

Meanwhile, its domestic destinations are Kuala Namu International Airport (KNO), Makassar (UPG), Lombok (LOP), Pontianak (PNK), Kupang (KOE), Manado (MDC), Banjarmasin (BDJ), Palangkaraya (PKY), Pekanbaru (PKU), Padang (PDG), Palu (PLW), and Bengkulu (BKS).

In 2020, MY Indo has recorded a total volume of 52,000 tons of goods transported to international and domestic airports. Up to November 2021, it has reached 62,000 tons both to international and domestic. Commodities typically shipped include general cargo, valuable goods, perishable goods, dangerous goods, oil & mining equipment, passive pharma (vaccines), and live animal.

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