Friday, 25 May 2018
PT ULU Exported Hatching Egg for The First Time to Myanmar by Air Transportation

PT. Unggas Lestari Unggul (PT ULU), a company of Japfa Groups, exported 25,920 hatching eggs to Myanmar. The export of hatching eggs ULU 101 type is as the initial export by Small Medium Enterprise (UMKM), that guided by the Japfa Group. As an additional information, in October 2015, the export of hatching chicken eggs had also ever done by PT Japfa Comfeed Indonesia, as a company of Japfa Group, by air transportation. 

Head of Operational PT. Unggas Lestari Unggul Sahudin Krisnawangsa said, the ULU 101 hatching chicken eggs product is one of the cross technology between male Pelung chicken and female race chicken to become final commercial chicken stocks (ULU 101) which their meat quality and performance is good so then they become consumers’ special interest. 

According to him, the commencing export of hatching eggs to Myanmar   become an initial step to introduce ULU 101 chicken to international market. “The next export countries are Malaysia, Singapore and Timor Leste,” said Sahudin in ULU 101 Hatching Eggs Commencing Export of PT Unggas Lestari Unggul at Cargo Warehouse 510, PT Gapura, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Tuesday (24/4/2018).

As in PT Unggas Lestari Unggul’s company profile, the type of hatching eggs is produced by the natural cross process between Pelung chicken from Cianjur, West Java and French’s local chicken. The cross resulted DOC (Day Old Chick) type as a new cross final  stock called DOC “Ayam ULU”. The cross process was done by PT ULU that have an active breeding farm in Ciracas village, Purwakarta, West Java. 

The commencing ULU 101 hatching eggs export to Myanmar were packed into 72 boxes using  four pallets for about  two tons. They were carried by Boeing 787 Thai Airways inside the cargo space with special temperature. “They were carried from Soekarno-Hatta Airport (CGK) by TG 343 flight to Bangkok (BKK). Then, in Bangkok, they were transferred to TG 305 flight, BKK-RGN (Yangon), Myanmar destination,” said one of Cargo Officers of Thai Airways Cargo to Cargo Times.

Author: Martin Jop
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