Friday, 19 October 2018
Swiss WorldCargo Ready to Expand to Southeast Asia’s Air Cargo Promising Market

Christian Hisserich, Swiss WorldCargo Manager for Singapore,  Malaysia, & Indonesia

The promising growth of air cargo in Southeast Asia region, both export and import, has triggered Swiss WorldCargo to expand its business ‘wings’, including to Indonesia. Speaking to Cargo Times, Christian Hisserich, Swiss WorldCargo Manager for Singapore,  Malaysia, & Indonesia, explained that though the growth varied at each route, but in general, the air cargo experienced a growth in the last several years. “Let us say last year (2017).

The volume to and from Europe seemed flat, but the market to and from United States of America grew up by more than 20 per cent. This trend took place at both Singapore and Malaysia,” Chritian told Cargo Times on the sideline of its opening of New Service in Jakarta, recently.

Just like its Malaysia service that has been running for almost three years, the Jakarta service will become a feeder to Singapore. But, though it acts as a feeder, Christian promised to open full-time service to Indonesian customer, both the ones in Jakarta or at other regions in the country, following the cooperation that has just been built by Swiss WorldCargo with some airlines that runs flight services to Singapore.

“We will cooperate with Air Asia and Jetstar that have daily flights to Singapore from Jakarta and other big cities in Indonesia. In addition we also built cooperation with freighter airline, MYIndo Airlines that has regular flight to Singapore from Jakarta (CGK) and Semarang (SRG). So, there are some flights that are ready every day to carry the cargoes to Singapore and will connect with our mid-night daily flight of Singapore-Zurich,” explained Christian.

“In addition, we have also built cooperation with some other airlines,  including Garuda Indonesia and Singapore Airlines. This cooperation will help us to provide a daily service to our customers in Indonesia,” he further said.

Christian is so optimistic that such high flight frequencies will help the Swiss WorldCargo in its market expansion step in Indonesia and further will trigger its market share growth in Southeast Asia.

Globally, the market of Swiss WorldCargo continued to grow up. Last year (2017), it handled as many as 598,781 shipments or more than 219, 483 ton. “Compared to other competitors, we are relatively small. But, we want to do the business in line with the values of the country of   Switzerland and deliver the philosophy of the country. We will take focus on the high valued goods and cargoes, while  providing reliable, safe, and secured services,” Christian explained.

Swiss WorldCargo has been identic with the delivery of high valued cargoes such as bank notes, diamond, watch, electronics, and other high valued goods.  “It can be said so,” Christian confirmed the question if the Swiss WorldCargo focuses on the high value goods. “But, we also open for other cargoes in line with kinds of services we offer.”

Some existing services that Swiss WorldCargo offered included Swiss Valuables, X-Presso Products, Swiss Argus, Celsius Active, Celsius Passive, Swiss Mail, and General Cargo. “Those services are supported by our adequate facilities and widespread network worldwide. And for the European Region, we have Road Feeder Service, a truck-based network with coverage throughout the European countries.”

Christian expects the opening Swiss WorldCargo service in Indonesia will provide give additional choice for air cargo delivery to and from the country. “We hope this will become a good news for business players in Indonesia, both exporters importers and forwarding companies that doing business in air cargo.”

Author: Damasus J
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