Monday, 8 February 2021
New Breakthrough in 2021, Anteraja Use Electric Motorcycle for Couriers

The breakthrough in 2021, Anteraja, a technology-based courier service company, has officially pioneered the use of environmentally-friendly electric motorcycles that will be used by Satria (a term for couriers) to deliver goods to customers.

Anteraja’s VP Operations, Jimmi said that this breakthrough was made in collaboration with PT Tri Adi Bersama, the company that houses Anteraja, and PT Listrik Vine Jasa, as well as Tetrik, is a technology company and electric motor battery charging service provider. The launch of the electric motorbike was carried out on December 21, 2020.

“We are very pleased to collaborate with Tetrik in introducing environmentally friendly motorbikes. This launch is Anteraja’s effort to support Go Green and create a greener transportation ecosystem. In line with this initiative, the launch of this motorbike is a more environmentally friendly transportation solution in Indonesia, “he told Cargo Times, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021.

Meanwhile, Head of Product & Operations Tetrik, Catra, believes that the specifications of this electric motorbike can support Satria’s performance and operations. He said a number of advantages of the electric motor are soft suspension damping and a battery with the support of good energy management technology. The battery can reach a distance of 70 km with only 3kWh of charging and has a maximum speed of 70 to 80 km per hour.

“Electric motors with environmentally friendly technology are equipped with Lithium-Ion MNC batteries of DC type 72V / 20 Ah to support performance. The advantage of this electric motor is that it features an Android-based smartphone indicator panel, so it can be used by Satria to display status data information from the electric motor,” continued Catra.

The launch of this electric motorbike is expected so that the Satria can switch and use environmentally friendly electric motorbikes. It is hoped that the collaboration between Anteraja and Tetrik will continue and support the government’s steps in supporting the green economy movement.

Author: Eko Nugroho
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