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Monday, 26 February 2024
InJourney Aviation Services is Ready To Become A Competitive Global Aviation Support

PT Aviasi Pariwisata (InJourney), the Indonesian Tourism and Aviation Industry State-owned Corporation Holding, has made a transformative step in the aviation industry and airport through a group portfolio to create an integrated and competitive Indonesian tourism ecosystem.

PT Integrasi Aviasi Solusi or InJourney Aviation Services (IAS) is one of InJourney sub-holdings that give aviation support services to support airports as well as airlines.

InJourney Aviation Services was formed by a consolidation of the nine subordinate companies under PT Angkasa Pura I and PT Angkasa Pura II which have 4 business portfolios with 12 business services.

The four InJourney Aviation Services business portfolios are: 1) Ground Handling & Cargo Terminal, 2) Logistics, 3)Hospitality, and, 4) Operation Support.

With the four business portfolios, InJourney Aviation Services will give professional services and yield competitive products for Indonesian markets and regions, and support the acceleration of tourism industry growth.

“In the future, InJourney Aviation Services will become a hub to provide aviation and cargo services that will support airports and airlines in Indonesia. Our vision is to become a professional and competent aviation and cargo service provider both in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Through consolidation and focus on business lines, we are sure InJourney Aviation Services will be able to improve efficiency, effectiveness, and service quality of aviation supports so as to have global competitiveness, both from professionalism and profitabilities,” said Dendi T. Danianto, President Director of InJourney Aviation Services.

“We are optimistic that InJourney Aviation Services will be able to be part of an important role in the Indonesian tourism ecosystem growth and a leader in aviation support industry. This is due to InJourney Aviation Services having a big potency and a commitment from stakeholders from State-owned Corporation Holding, employees to partners,” added Dendi.

On the other hand, InJourney Aviation Services will create a Value Creation that will bring the company to grow more rapidly.

Through strong synergy and transformation, and being supported by a competent team and the spirit of #ElevateAviatInJourney, InJourney Aviation Services is targeted to become a powerful hub in providing airport and airlines supporting services for Indonesian tourism industry, and is ready to become a Top 10 Global Player in the supporting aviation service industry.

Author: Martin Jop
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