Friday, 22 November 2019
UPS Enhances Its Delivery Services in Asia Pacific Region

A global leader in express and delivery services, UPS recently announced a series of service enhancements that will benefit up to 1.4 million postal codes across 41 countries and territories in the Asia Pacific region, opening opportunities for businesses to develop more resilient supply chain strategies as they look within the region for growth.

Ross McCullough, the President of UPS Asia Pacific Region said: “Asia is an incredibly dynamic, evolving region, and trade in the region is helping to power the global economy—whether it’s through increased consumption in emerging economies such as Vietnam and the Philippines, or through supply chains that weave their way through the region and around the world.

Businesses need greater agility to respond to the needs of customers and the market with more precision than before, and UPS is helping them to achieve this with faster transit times, a broader service footprint and a balanced portfolio of services.”

The following enhancements are poised to deliver increased flexibility for businesses and support greater demand in the region:

  • Day-definite guarantee with one day faster transit time for UPS Worldwide Expedited service within Asia, enabling the majority of businesses in the region to enjoy delivery in two business days with a guaranteed delivery date
  • Improved geographic reach of UPS Worldwide Express services with time-definite deliveries for international shipments to 205 new postal codes in Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan
  • Reduced transit time by one day for businesses exporting from Northern Malaysia to major territories in Asia, Europe and the US; from Northern Thailand to Europe and the US; and from major territories in Asia to China with UPS Worldwide Express Saver service
  • Expansion of UPS Marketing Shipping to 10 additional Asian markets (Hong Kong, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia), offering businesses an automated way to process their e-marketplace orders by streamlining the order management and shipping processes, and reaching more end-customers in other parts of the world

McCullough added: “With service improvements such as guaranteed delivery timing and shorter transit time for UPS Worldwide Expedited, most businesses shipping within Asia will now have their shipments delivered in as little as two business days.

This offers an end-to-end service alternative for freight forwarding shippers in the region looking for a scalable solution as they venture into new markets.”

These enhancements build upon a number of major investments UPS made in its network across the region earlier this year, including: increasing its Shenzhen Asia Pacific Air Hub’s processing capacity by 50%; expanding the reach of UPS Worldwide Express morning services to reach Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and South Korea; extending pick-up times by up to five hours for export shipments from China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea; and commencing Saturday pick-up services in the U.S., enabling import shipments destined for eight markets in Asia to be delivered one day earlier than before.

Author: Martin Jop
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