Sunday, 2 May 2021
APLog Webinar Series 2: Utilization of Logistics Technology As Needed, As Well As The Competence of The Human Resources Who Run It

PT Angkasa Pura Logistik (APLog) held the 2nd Webinar Series event in the APLog Logistics Forum (APF) community via the Zoom and YouTube platforms on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021. The webinar event is a routine APF activity to facilitate players, practitioners, professionals, academics, and logistics observers to keep in touch and discuss the development of the logistics industry.

The 2nd Series Webinar with the theme “Future Logistics Technology” was greeted enthusiastically by national logistics players as well as the public including academics, approximately 300 registrants with more than 250 attendees. The event went well, guided by Tsya Novenny as moderator, and was officially opened by the Director of Finance and Administration/HRD of PT Angkasa Pura Logistik, Ridwan Moeis.

The second webinar, which provides an explanation on the use of technology in the field of logistics, presents Prof. Dr. Senator Nur Bahagia, Head of The ITB Center for Logistics and Supply Chain Studies, and Dr. Nofrisel, SE. MM. CSLP. ESLog, Chairman Expert of Council of the Indonesian Logistics Association (ALI).

Ridwan Moeis said that the existence of forums such as the webinar series certainly has a lot of benefits for logistics participants, especially with resource persons who are capable in their fields. And hope that this webinar adds insight and knowledge of the webinar participants.

Ridwan Moeis added, technology in logistics sector needs a significant investment. “Therefore, the choice of technology must be in accordance with the needs and ‘class’ of the company, whether local or global,” he said.

Meanwhile, Prof. Dr. Senator Nur Bahagia explained Logistics 4.0 which follows the development of Industry 4.0, where there are 5 (five) sectors that have undergone Logistics 4.0, namely Food and Beverage, Textiles and Clothing, Automotive, Electronics, and Chemistry.

He continued, the keywords for Logistic 4.0 are transparency, flexibility, speed, quality, and trackability. “This is all supported by technology systems such as digitalization data, Internet of things (IoT), Automation & real-time, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

“Currently, the homework is human resources to carry out it all. Because it requires skills and expertise in utilizing technology, but the right one as needed, “said Senator Nur Bahagia.

Meanwhile, Dr. Nofrisel explained the central logistical issues in the period 2020-2022, which are related to Digitalization, Human Resources Competence and Certification, and Covid 19 Recovery.

“We demand technology because with technology we can provide the best service to our customers. Basically, the use of technology in logistics is about how our services can be accessed as much as possible. The more the better,” concludes Dr. Nofrisel.

The APLOG LOGISTICS FORUM webinar event lasts for 180 minutes and will consistently be held at least once every 2 (two) months throughout 2021, so that the logistic community formed is even tighter.(mar)

Author: Martin Jop
GO Ina

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