Monday, 5 July 2021
The Presence of CKB Balikpapan Hub New Facilities, Entrepreneurs can Save More Times and Costs

An integrated logistics company PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Group), a subsidiary company of PT ABM Investama Tbk (ABM), inaugurated the new 14,009m2 office facilities and warehouses located at Jl. Somber RT85, Muara Rapak, North Balikpapan. The presence of new office facilities and warehouses is in line with the government program to encourage the acceleration of industrial growth and even distribution in all Indonesia’s regions in order to accelerate the national economic recovery.

According to Iman Sjafei, President Director of PT Cipta Krida Bahari, moving to the new facilities is a part of corporate strategies to encourage the industrial life in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia regions and to support the government to recover the national economy during the Covid-19 pandemic. “The facilities move is to give more strategic access to the customers and entrepreneurs as it is close to Semayang Port and Sultan Aji Muhammad International Airport - Sepinggan, and it also has access that is close to Somber jetty port. With the prime access in industrial and commercial areas will give benefits for entrepreneurs in saving transportation costs and time,” said Iman.

The newest warehouse and office facilities are divided into 3 areas: closed warehouse area is 4.970m2, opened area is 7,225m2, and office area is 1,320m2. Being supported by the communication and information technology system and effective goods monitor that are more focused to support industrial players in the mining and oil-gas sectors in Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia. Types of goods kept and managed in the new warehouse are included: mining heavy equipment, spare parts, wheels, steel iron, and farm products.

All these facilities are also integrated logistics and transportation solutions (Total Logistic Solutions) and focused to support the oil-gas industry, mining, construction/infrastructure, wheel, steel and iron, and farm production. “By the presence of the new Logistics Hub, we are optimistic that the efficiency level of entrepreneurs would be better so as to optimize the economic opportunity and to encourage the national industries’ competitiveness,” said Iman.

CKB Balikpapan Logistics Hub also serves regular flights of air cargoes Singapore - Jakarta - Balikpapan, Jakarta - Balikpapan - Jakarta routes, 2 times a day for 6 days a week. The provision of services reflects the needs of cargo transport that continually grows and is expected to be able to give easy, fast, and safe services in delivering cargoes unlimitedly.

Ety Puspitasari, Business Director Logistics & Distribution of PT Cipta Krida Bahari said, the services for Singapore – Jakarta – Balikpapan, Jakarta – Balikpapan – Jakarta routes are ones of CKB Group in increasing the international cargo traffic.

“We hope the routes can support the improvement of the national prime export commodity competitiveness, especially in Balikpapan as the main gate to Kalimantan and Eastern Indonesia,” said Ety.

Nationally, CKB Group has 5 (five) bonded logistics hubs throughout Indonesia, they are: Jakarta (Cakung and Marunda), Surabaya (Osowilangun and Margomulyo), and Balikpapan (Somber). CKB Group also brings logistics services to one level higher using integrated logistics systems, covering the services of transportation, warehouses, customs using communication and information technology as well as an effective goods supervision.

Author: Martin Jop
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