Tuesday, 4 October 2022
Bamsoet Appreciated Black Stone Steps to Advance Cargo Freighters and Other Aviation Businesses

Head of MPR - RI, Bambang Soesatyo (Bamsoet), who is also a Political, Legal, and Security Affairs Head of the Indonesian Chambers of Commerce and Industry, visited to Jakarta Asia Cargo Network office recently. Previously, he visited the Head Offices of ACN Singapore and Malaysia.

ACN is an international company in cargo freighter, airplane rent and air cargo logistics that are integrated to several courier (logistics) companies across the globe, post offices and natural resource explorers, oil mining, airlines, and global shipping.

Bamsoet, who is also the founder of Black Stone Airlines (BSA), encourages ACN, which has been dominating the air cargo market in South East Asia, to expand the investment and strengthen cargo business in Indonesia.

As an information, BSA that has been under PT Raffles Global Angkasa (RGA) management, is a part of CAN group. BSA, who have operated since March 2022, has enlivened the cargo market in Indonesia by operating 2 B 737-300 Freighters. BSA serves some cargo freighter routes such as Jakarta CGK - Pontianak PNK - Jakarta HLP - Tarakan TRK - Batam BTH - Medan KNO - Banjarmasin BDJ.

“In October 2022, BSA will receive 1 freighter plus another 2 freighters in 2023. In total, there will be 5 BSA’s freighters to serve cargoes. Therefore, we open job opportunities for pilots, engineers,and other positions in relation with aviation,” said Bamsoet during his visit toRGA-Black Stone Airlines office (Asia Cargo Network) in Jakarta, Wednesday (14/9/22).

He continued, the presence of BSA also contributes to ease the delivery of MSME products across regions. Therefor, they also strengthen the Indonesian economy by providing easy access for goods distribution.

The visit of Bamsoet to ACN office was accepted by the CEO of Asia Cargo Network and Black Stone Airlines, Marco Isaak, President Director of Black Stone Airlines, Zack Isaak, Chief Operating Officer of Black Stone Airlines, Razali Ismail and Operation Manager of Black Stone Airlines, Daniel Adhitya.

Moreover, Bamsoet said that BSA will serve direct flights for hajj and umrah (pilgrim tours) that are planned to operate in March 2023 using 2 Boeing 737 NGs, and 2 Airbus A330-300s or Boeing 777-300 (Wide Body). The embarkation for this journey is from Internasional Airport, KJT West Java, in Kertajati, Majalengka, West Java.

“Through PT ACN Aero Teknik, ACN, and Black Stone Group will also build Kertajati Aircraft Maintenance at BIJB district and Kertajati One Stop Experience Facility at BIJB terminal. Later, BIJB will be more alive and give value added in economic life, either the opening of job opportunity or other multiplier effect economy, both for West Java and Indonesia in general,” closed Bamsoet.

Author: Martin Jop
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