Saturday, 5 February 2022
Being the Pioneer of Cargo Shipment Expedition from BIJB Kertajati, JNE Collaborates with Asia Cargo Airlines

Rewrote from, carrying the same mission to make Kertajati West Java International Airport (BIJB), Majalengka as the Indonesian Logistics Hub, JNE collaborate with a special airline for cargo transportation, Asia Cargo Airlines, opened the first logistics flight through BIJB, which was inaugurated in the event entitled "Inauguration of Asia Cargo Airlines' Prime Flight with JNE at BJIB Kertajati", on Tuesday (21/12/21).

The activity which was held at BIJB Kertajati was attended by the Chairman of the MPR RI Bambang Soesatyo, Director of PT. BIJB Muhammad Singgih, Head of Bappeda West Java Ferry Sofwan Arif, Group CEO Asia Cargo Airlines Marco Isaak, President Director of JNE Mr. M. Feriadi Soeprapto, and the Board of Directors of JNE Chandra Fireta and Edi Santoso.

JNE became the first party to support the opening of logistics flights from BJIB Kertajati after becoming a user of Asia Cargo Airlines services about two years ago. In addition, JNE has collaborated with Asia Cargo Airlines in the operation of freighters, which are considered to be able to provide trouble-free delivery, because they have the largest number of aircraft fleets currently, and have flexibility in departure times that can be adjusted to JNE's needs.

President Director of JNE, M. Feriadi Soeprapto, said: "This collaboration with Asia Cargo Airlines is a commitment and contribution of JNE with the tagline 'Connecting Happiness' which is a representation of every JNE business activity, to not only deliver packages but also carry out the mandate to participate. care and provide benefits to the progress of Indonesian cargo and aviation”.

Delivery from BIJB Kertajati is planned to support JNE's deliveries in West Java, Central Java, and surrounding areas for all destinations in Indonesia. The current shipping routes are to Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi.

By having a capacity of more than 16 tons of one unit of Asia Cargo Airlines freighter aircraft, shipments from BIJB Kertajati can also be a new potential that needs to be developed so as to maximize shipments, especially air cargo in the West Java area as an alternative airport to airports in Jakarta (CGK and HLP).

Furthermore, Feriadi said, "With maximum support from JNE as the largest logistics company in Indonesia; hope, BIJB Kertajati will become the new gateway to handle JNE shipments throughout Indonesia. In addition, with the presence of cargo flights, JNE can provide benefits and good results to improve the progress of SMEs and the economy in West Java in particular and throughout Indonesia in general," concluded M Feriadi.

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