Thursday, 4 August 2022
SiCepat Ekspres Launched SANUBARI MSME Program

To support the digitalisation acceleration of Micro Small and Medium Entrepreneurs, SiCepat Ekspre launched another MSME program Siap Bangkit Untuk Negeri or SANUBARI (in English: Ready to Rise for the Country) that has been held since July to November 2022.

SANUBARI is in line with the government’s spirit in handling the issues about G20 cross sectors, where MSMEs that still use a conventional method that should switch to digital to be ready to face 4.0. industries. It should become SiCepat special attention in helping the acceleration of digitalisation that affects MSMEs quality and productivity improvement.

The Data in the Cooperation Ministry and MSE, up to 2021, showed the total MSMEs that have been on-boarding in the new digital ecosystem reach 19 percent of 12 million MSMEs in Indonesia. Based on the survey data of the Cooperation Ministry, MSE and iDEA (Indonesian E-Commerce Association) showed that 75 percent the continuity of MSMEs that have been listed in e-commerce experienced difficulties to maintain the business either from the product characteristic, marketing strategy, after sales services, and others.

“Through SANUBARI, we support the Government especially to improve MSMEs’ skills and insights in accordance with digitalisation so that we are ready to face a 4.0 industry mainly with many business competitions, MSME should be able to be more creative, develop the business competitively and should recognize digitalization.

Our target in SANUBARI program is 1000 MSMEs recognise digital and are ready to face 4.0 Industry’’, said The Kim Hai, Chief Executive Officer of SiCepat Ekspres.

SANUBARI programs consist of two channels that will run, they are Digital Marketing Training Webinar and Business Plan Competition. Webinar is provided as a facility for MSME participants and public to learn and improve business skills.

Furthermore, MSME participants and publics that have creative business ideas can join the Business Plan Competition.

SiCepat Ekspres has prepared some gifts up to Rp 50 million as a grant fund as a venture capital for MSME participants and publics with the best business ideas.

SANUBARI is open for all Indonesian people, either MSMEs or those who plan to start running their business. All series of SANUBARI program can be followed for free, no charge at all.

Author: Dpar
GO Ina

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