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Tuesday, 26 December 2023
More Global and Modern Look, The Brand and Logo of Pos Indonesia is Officially Changed to Become POS IND

Newly, PT Pos Indonesia officially changed their brand and logo to the new ones as “POS IND” or Pos Indonesia Integrated National Distribution. POS IND has a meaning of collaboration, integration, and vision spirit to develop a logistics synergy as the backbone of the state’s economy. The presence of POS IND will push the change as well as the development of logistics’ future in a better way for Indonesia. The launch of POS IND’s brand and logo was marked by playing a video attended by the Minister of State-Owned Entreprises Erick Thohir.

With the tagline “Together to Accelerate”, it pictures POS IND collaboration spirit with several logistic companies to focus on the development and advancement acceleration in the national logistics sector. The launch of the new brand and logo at Pos Bloc Surabaya is a confirmation of the transformation of the new breath head to state-owned enterprises logistics following the government instruction through the State-owned Entreprises Ministry.

The birth of POS IND is a form of transformative steps and the start of a new chapter during the long history of post industry in Indonesia. Not only is the service provider, POS IND has a new spirit to accelerate the advancement of the logistics industry in Indonesia.

The President Director of POS IND, Faizal R. Djoemadi explained that the launch of brands and logo is a picture of the modern logistics of the State-owned Entreprises, so we can compete globally as well as a real supporting form from the company to the national economy development.

“Transformation to a logistics company will change the landscape of logistics earnings portfolio that is currently still at around 17%; it’s hoped that it can significantly increase to become the main income for POS IND Group through several initiatives that will be implemented. The non-logistics business (couriers, finance services, etc) will still work as the target and initiative that will be worked on each segment,” said Faizal.

The terminology of “post” has a weak meaning to represent the logistics industry as the term “post” is a part of the logistics industry. Then, the old-style image of the name that the people’s perception towards “Pos Indonesia” is considered old-fashioned and slow based on the implemented research. Moreover, the spelling of the name that is considered long tends to be difficult to remember.

Some considerations that underlie the changes in the brand and log are the changes in the business scope.

With the inauguration of the new POS IND’s brand and logo, then the Dove logo of Pos Indonesia is no longer valid. The process of logo change will be done gradually.

Author: Martin Jop
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