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Thursday, 27 June 2024
PMK No. 26/2024, Rush Handling Service Adds Three Categories of Imported Goods

The Ministry of Finance issued a new regulation regarding the immediate service process as stated in Minister of Finance Regulation Number 26 of 2024 (PMK No.26/2024) concerning Amendments to Minister of Finance Regulation Number PMK-74/PMK.04/2021 concerning Releasing Imported Goods for Use with Immediate Service (Rush Handling), which has been in effect since May 29, 2024.

Head of the Sub Directorate of Public Relations (Kasubdit Humas) and Extension of Customs, Encep Dudi Ginanjar, emphasized that this PMK was prepared as a government step in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the process of releasing imported goods using a rush handling scheme. Apart from that, it was also identified that there were several obstacles in the previous regulations, so it was necessary to harmonize the regulations as the government’s commitment in providing legal certainty.

There is an addition to the rush handling goods category from 10 to 13 types of goods. The details include:

1. corpse and ashes;

2. human body organs (including kidneys, corneas, or blood);

3. goods that can damage the environment (materials that contain radiation);

4. live animals;

5. live plants;

6. time-sensitive newspapers and magazines;

7. document (letter);

8. foreign banknotes (banknotes);

9. vaccines or medicines for humans that are time sensitive and/or require special handling;

10. fresh cut plants (flowers, leaves, branches, or other plant parts);

11. fresh or cold fish or fish meat;

12. meat other than fish in fresh or cold conditions;

13. other goods that have obtained permission from the Head of the Customs Office or appointed Customs Official.

“The procedure for releasing goods using a rush handling mechanism starts from submitting an application by the importer accompanied by complementary documents, then researching prohibitory restrictions regulations through the Indonesian National Single Window (INSW)/service computer system (SKP)/Customs Officials, and determining the category of goods through the system service computer (SKP). Upon request for rush handling, the importer submits a guarantee to the Head of the Customs Office or appointed Customs and Excise Official and a rush handling registration number is issued. Then, selective document research and physical inspection are carried out based on risk management and a Release Approval Letter is issued Goods (SPPB),” explained Encep.

Approval for the release of the 13 types of goods is issued within a maximum period of 2 (two) hours from the time the complete application is received. Meanwhile, specifically for other goods that require permission from the Head of the Customs Office or appointed Customs Official, approval for the release of goods is issued within a maximum period of five hours from the time the complete application is received.

Kasubdit Humas, Encep Dudistated that the FAQ on the provisions for releasing imported goods for use with immediate service (rush handling) can be accessed via the page html.

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