Wednesday, 18 November 2015
Foreign Airlines can Recheck Cargo from Regulated Agent
The foreign airlines can do safety recheck towards their cargoes and posts after the check from Regulated Agent (RA) or Manufacture Consignor (known consignor/KC) in the Airport Restricted Safety Area. This is stipulated in the new cargo regulation, the Transportation Minister Regulation (PM) No. 153 year 2015 about the Cargo and Post Safety as well as Supply Chain Safety of Cargo and Post carried by an airplane. "An authorization will conduct check for the Aviation Corporation and Foreign Airlines if they feel a threat increases over the safety of flight and cargo transfer receipt," said the Head of Public Relation of the Transportation Ministry J.A. Barata in Jakarta, Tuesday (Nov 3). Foreign airlines is obliged to guarantee and protect the safety of cargoes and posts from the receipt process to the take off of a plane. "The Aviation Corporation and Foreign Airlines can only carry the cargoes and post that have been checked," Barata explained. The check can be conducted by the foreign airlines working together with or delegating the safety steps implementation to the RA, KC and Surveyor Independent (SI). Preventing dangerous goods infiltration The other meaning of PM No. 153/2015 that individuals and/or vehicles that will enter restricted safety area that is related to the supply chain of cargoes and posts should holds entry license. The restricted safety area are at the airport area - RA and KC. Similarly with the cargoes or posts that will enter Airport Restricted Safety Area and RA restricted safety area should hold Surat Muatan Udara/SMU (for domestic flight) or Air Way Bill/AWB (for international flight). Cargoes and Posts (from RA, KC and SI) that will enter the Restricted Safety Area should conduct safety check. Meanwhile, for the cargoes and posts that have been checked by the RA, KC and SI that will enter the Airport Restricted Safety Area should conduct safety control by the airport. The check and control are to prevent the infiltration of bomb and dangerous goods that might be carried by airplane. The Dangerous Goods are explosives materials, compressed gas, liquid gas, or dissolved gas by pressure, cairan flammable liquids, material or oxidizing substance, goods or toxic and infected substances, radioactive materials or goods, corrosive substances or goods and other miscellaneous dangerous materials.
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