Monday, 16 February 2015
Reliable Ground Handling for the International Show Promoter
The International actresses performance and all of the stage tools/equipment are the primary keys of success of a singer, a group band or an international entertainment attraction who/that perform their concert in Indonesia. However, the logistic aspect is seldom to be exposed by media, that is air transportation handling at the airport (in land). It is from the arrival, plane parking position, immigration process for the artists and crews, and the mainly the handling of music equipment or tools for stage performance. Why? Usually, they use a big chartered plane and they bring their own stage equipment or music instruments from their country, which sometimes the weight of all tools are more than 2 ton or even up to 70 ton. They can come with variation appearances (length or height). And special for circus attraction, they bring their own animals (from small to big animals) complete with their cages or some types of ULD Animal. PT Gapura Angkasa, as one of Ground Handling companies in Indonesia, is often appointed by famous entertainment promoters to handle the loading and unloading operation for the stage equipment from the flight that also carry the celebrity(ies). This appointment is based on the trust that is given by international promoters to Gapura Angkasa as the top ground handling in Indonesia and has had high-level experience to manage 50 airlines both International and domestic included charter, VVIP and military flights. Hardi Dalhar, Cargo & Warehouse Service Manager PT Gapura Angkasa gave his explanation to Cargo Times: "This has been many years that consumers give their trust to Gapura Angkasa for the cargo handling to music performances. In 2014, there were 3 International music events that the handling operation was trusted to us. In January 2015, as we are seeing today (Cargo Times witnessed the unloading process of music equipment from a freighter), there is Michael Buble,promoted by Dyandra Entertainment, one of leading concert and entertainment promoters in Indonesia, with Dainty Group International and supported by TEM Asia." Michael Buble, concert on 29 January 2015 was held successfully in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE) in BSD City, South Tangerang. They use Malaysia Airlines (MH) type Airbus 320 as the freighter with total of haulage is 60-70 ton. Special in this Michael Buble's performance, the total of music and stage equipment that were carried was 47 ton. Hardi gave information that for Gapura Angkasa, Malaysia Airlines is their biggest consumer for cargo carrier. They have regular flight schedules for eight times and two times a week to Jakarta. He added: "In this 2015, Gapura Angkasa is appointed as the handling carrier for the mega star boys band from England, One Direction; then, followed to handle the World Circus performance. The equipment that will be carried are up to 70 ton and we will use the big plane, Boeing 747-400 or Antonov."
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