Sunday, 24 January 2016
CEO Citilink Questioned the Evaluation Criteria over the Airline Rank
The low cost carrier, Citilink Indonesia questioned the criteria base or method that is taken to give rank towards airlines, globally or Indonesia, that relates to flight safety considering the aviation industry is the industry with numerous regulation that is binding (mandatory) and unable to be ignored due to the high risks considering the lives. This is questioned by the President and CEO Citilink Albert Burhan in Jakarta, Wednesday (Jan.6) related to the airlines rank conducted by that tends to be tendentious as there is no clear explanation of the evaluation base and facts in the sites. Alberts also questioned the position of most Indonesian airlines into one star safety standard category. "Principally, there are positive things if an airline is evaluated from outside party. Citilink itself has no objections to be evaluated as long as it is conducted objectively, transparent and accountable. Even Citilink is also waiting for the audit result from Skytrax that gives assessment with clear criteria, measured and accountable based on product quality standard and airline services," said Albert. He gave examples of Citilink commitment as an effort to maintain good safety such as conducting crew development training, repairs, and joint ventures with international organization and airlines. The maintenance of Citilink flights is also conducted at the GMF (Garuda Maintenance Facility) AeroAsia that has international reputation. Moreover, Albert said that the safety of passengers is Citilink's priority, which just received the ISO 9001 Certificate of Quality Management for the Delay Management (Jan. 5) that gives impact towards customers' satisfaction. 'Safety is absolute and to us the evaluation from is not influential. Citilink always maintains safety as required by the aviation world. At the end, the passengers will feel and evaluate," he said.
GO Ina

TIKI juga menghimbau para pelanggannya menggunakan layanan JEMPOL (Jemput Online) untuk menghindari antrian di gerai.

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March 28, 2020

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