Saturday, 11 February 2023
J&T Cargo Offered Consumers’ Needs with A Broad Delivery Destination Region

J&T Cargo, a modern cargo logistics provider in Indonesia, offers customers a broad delivery destination region that reaches 98% to ease delivery and improve business efficiency.

Based on the J&T Cargo survey towards the customers, many respondents generally hope for a logistic provider with a broad delivery range to support business distribution value.

In response, J&T Cargo proves its existence by becoming a cargo logistics service provider with the broadest area coverage throughout 2022. “Throughout 2022, J&T Cargo continues to support shipping efficiency. More than 3,000 J&T Cargo outlets have spread to the eastern tip of Indonesia and will continue to grow to meet the logistics needs of customers and improve business efficiency,” said Jonathan, CEO of J&T Cargo.

Today, the logistics industry with a wide delivery range has become part of a business development strategy, because businesses can run more optimally when supported by an effective delivery process.

Logistics providers who have a wide area coverage will create an efficient goods distribution process where the process of delivering goods is timely, so that not only the recipient receives the benefit of the goods, business people will also be benefitted from the efficient distribution of goods.

J&T Cargo, whose initial existence only had 500 outlets in several cities across Indonesia, has had 3,000 outlets with a broader range. The growth showed that J&T Cargo would guarantee a more efficient delivery process.

Customers can make orders on the website and the partners will pick up the packages to ease customers and reach more consumers so the delivery process could be more efficient.

“The numbers of J&T Cargo outlets will continue to grow. In the future, we hope J&T Cargo would be the choice of cargo logistic provider that would help entrepreneurs improve their efficiency,” concluded Jonathan.(en24)

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