Tuesday, 7 December 2021
On The Harbolnas 11.11, J&T Express Delivery Increase Up to 1.5 Times

The squirm of online transactions through digital platforms affects the growth of businesses from small to medium scale. No wonder the development of technology greatly encourages the incessant online transaction of selling and purchasing that can be done anytime and anywhere.

J&T Express, as a global scale shipping service brand, supports the availability of delivery services to meet sales needs for MSME business players as well as people’s daily needs, including during the National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) 11.11 this year, which experienced an increase in shipments reaching 16, 5 million packages or recorded an increase of 1.5 times compared to last year.

The effects of the pandemic that lead to changes in people’s behavior to switch to online transactions have made J&T Express always ready to support the high demand for shipping every year.

CEO of J&T Express, Robin Lo, emphasized that this achievement is always in good preparation. “This year there is an increase of around 50% compared to 2020. The main preparation is adequate human resources and fleets, thus we added additional personnel and capacities so that the operations could continue to run normally and efficiently,” says Robin.

Some factors that support the growth of the 11.11 National Online Day delivery traffic are: e-commerce package dominated 70%, the volume of regular delivery is about 2.5 million packages per day, freighter use (special airplane for cargoes), to the order system via the application.

And other conveniences that J&T Express provide are Cash On Delivery (COD) that customers can use if they want to pay cash.

Sellers take an important part in J&T Express delivery increase as many of them rely their delivery on J&T Express outlets that spread at 4,000 points - they are Drop Points and Collection Points to reach all regions in Indonesia.

By the available system, VIP Platform is available for sellers that routinely do deliveries using good selling features so that it is very helpful especially in the national online day.

Moreover, J&T Express keeps improving their new service, J&T Super, that has gradually covered 30 cities in Indonesia. The service is able to support the delivery transaction increase especially to big cities like Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Jakarta. Even though the pandemic status in some cities has been at the public activity restrictions (PPKM) level 1, yet in the operation, J&T Express still apply health protocol to maintain the customers’ conveniences and the on-duty staff.

Prevention of the spread of covid-19 in the midst of a pandemic is supported by vaccination of all J&T Express employees, and disinfect equipment and sorting warehouses to make the delivery of packages is proceeded safely both on weekdays and peak season moments such as the Harbolnas.

Author: Dpar
GO Ina

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