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Wednesday, 15 March 2023
FedEx Express Collaborates with Kopernik to Empower and Support Women Weavers in Bali

FedEx Express (FedEx), one of the world’s largest express transportation companies, is empowering and supporting women weavers in Bali through a collaboration with Kopernik, a local non-profit focused on eradicating poverty.

This nine-month program benefitted a community of women weavers in Tanglad Village, Nusa Penida District by developing their potential as global entrepreneurs and driving a positive shift in their approach to environmental protection.

“Our program in Nusa Penida has two main objectives – empower the women weavers in Tanglad Village to expand their market reach and do so while adopting sustainable practices. With 8 out of 10 consumers across Asia Pacific, Middle East, and Africa placing high priority on sustainability, this program fills a vital gap in their entrepreneurial skill set,” said Garrick Thompson, Managing Director, FedEx Express Indonesia.

“Through the collaboration between FedEx and Kopernik, we hope to improve the sustainable livelihood of women weavers while protecting the environment,” said Sergina Loncle, Director of Communication & Strategic Initiatives, Kopernik.

The female weavers in Tanglad Village found it challenging to maintain consistent product quality at affordable prices. They had limited knowledge about how and where to market their products. The challenges amplified during the Covid-19 pandemic, when economic opportunities and income declined. As a result, these women weavers needed support to improve their skills and knowledge in marketing strategies to expand their reach to the global market.

To help the weavers leverage cross-border trade, FedEx volunteers developed a training module on the basics of digital marketing, global trade, more eco-friendly dyeing techniques, and development of a wastewater recycling system.

“The need for local businesses to tap into cross-border trade quickly and efficiently is imperative. With our expansive global and intra-regional networks to support the growth of small and medium enterprises, FedEx is thrilled to be creating greater market access for these women weavers beyond Indonesia,” added Garrick.

The initiative is part of the FedEx Cares global community engagement program.

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