Saturday, 7 October 2017
Air (Cargo) Transportation Stakeholders are Responsible to the Flight Safety and Security

Nasir Usman, Director of Flight Safety, the Directorate General of Aviation, the MoT

The safety and security in civil aviations, both passengers and cargoes, depend on the airport safety itself. Therefore, airport safety becomes one of attention points in an aviation.

The basics of security and safety in an aviation are ANNEX 17 and ANNEX 18, ICAO (The International Civil Aviation Organization) or Security Manual 8973 and 9284, and the Government Regulation about the National Security Program.

The sample for passenger’ case is a regulation that is trending today, an Instruction of Directorate General of Air Transportation No. 3 year 2017 that was stipulated on 30 March 2017 about the Handling Improvement Effort of Bomb Threat (or Jokes) in Civil Flight.

Regarding laptop baggage, the Circular Letter from the Directorate General of Air Transportation No. 6 / 2016 (SE Hubud No. 6/2016) about the Check Procedure over Luggage and Baggage of Electronic parts carried by an airplane.

So, if the x-ray operators are still doubt with the x-ray check, then they have to do manual things. The steps are the goods owners should switch on the electronic parts.
Moreover, the goods owners operate the electronic parts and the flight security personnel supervise and check the result from the electronic parts.

Air Cargo

In the presentation about the Flight Safety and Security by the Director of Flight Safety, the Directorate General of Aviation, the Ministry of Transportation Nasir Usman emphasized the importance of being accurate and consistent in cargo safety management at airports.

Some cases showed serious threat in aviation due to the mismanagement process of cargo. “There are Content Declaree (PTI-Pemberitahuan Tentang Isi) that do not match the cargoes. In PTI the goods were recorded as food, in fact they were 500 detonators (this is the case at Sultan Hasanuddin Airport, UPG).

There was a case of lithium material. The thing was almost loaded to the plane. Imagine what would be happened if it exploded in the plane’s belly!” said Nasir in front of the participants in the Cargo and Posts Harmonization Workshop at the Grand Mercure, Monday 11 September 2017.

According to him, the Directorate General of Air Transportation, the Transportation Ministry reminded the national and international airlines that operate in Indonesia to be responsible over the air cargo and posts safety that will be carried by the airplane.

The regulation is stipulated in the Transportation Minister Regulation No. PM 127/2015 article 6.12.1 that says: ‘Airline Firms and Foreign Airlines Company are responsible to the cargo and post safety that will be carried by the airplane’.

“Therefore, airlines can do cargo check to an independent inspector agency, that is Regulated Agent,” said Nasir.

Furthermore, Nasir Usman said the establishment of Regulated Agent (RA) is not the
Transportation Ministry’s will. The requirements were made by ICAO. The base of the new law is the Minister Regulation No. 53 Year 2017 (PM No. 53/2017) that regulate the safety of posts and cargoes as well as post and cargo supplies chain that are carried by air flight. The Minister Regulation was issued as the amendment of PM No. 153/2015 about the Inspection Agent.

RA is an Indonesia law agency that conducts activities together with airlines for safety checks over the cargoes and posts that have obtained permit from the Directorate General of Air Transportation.

According to Nasir with the new regulation, RA should use dual view x-ray machine for
international destination cargoes. This point refers to the cargo standards in Europe and the United State of America that requires the goods should be checked in dual view x-ray machine.

“In PM 53 article 43 paragraph 3 point a said, regulated agent who conduct international cargoes and posts check is obliged to possess at least one dual view x-ray machine and one single machine,” he said. With dual view x-ray machine, he makes sure the safety would be guaranteed because the goods are checked in detail and deeply penetrated.

Due to several regulations that are mentioned, Nasir Usman hopes airports, airlines, shippers, RAs, and stakeholders of air cargo could implement them as in regulation.

“So that the delivery process of cargoes at the cargo terminal, from the arrival, RA check, Avsec check, warehouse entry, stockpile, transportation to runway, to loading activity into a flight, could run smoothly and arrive safely to the destinations,” Nasir Usman closed his presentation.

Author: Martin Jop
GO Ina

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