Sunday, 29 January 2017
Repealed of Ban to Carry Galaxy Note 7 to Airplane
The case of Galaxy Note 7 battery that is easy to burn made the American aviation authority, FAA , very busy. The American aviation authority obligated all airlines to restrict Galaxy Note 7 to be brought on board, both for check-in-baggage and hand-carry. However, the appeal has been officially repealed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The appeal followed the claim of Samsung said that 96 % of Galaxy Note 7 parts that had been distributed once had been returned. Based on that reason, FAA repealed the regulation that obligated all airlines in the USA to make notification of Galaxy Note 7 restriction before boarding. Most likely, the regulation will be followed by other countries including Indonesia. This considers FAA is an aviation authority that is followed and become a reference by aviation authority of other countries in the world. Previously, when the case of Galaxy Note 7's battery peep out in the middle of 2016, FAA restricted all users to operate and switch on the Galaxy Note 7 on board. But then there was an incident happened in the Southwest Airline flight in October 2016, FAA restricted the Galaxy Note 7 to be carried on board, both as a hand-carry item or checked-in-baggage item. The biggest gadget producer in the world, Samsung claimed itself that 96 % return of the Galaxy Note 7 units were distributed once was their attempt together with a cellular operator. Samsung worked together with the operator kept sending SMS contained of appeal to substitute the Galaxy Note 7. Moreover, Samsung also did other ways like updated the software firmware that limited the Galaxy Note 7's battery power capacilty. Even, Samsung released the updated firmware that could "disfunction" the Galaxy Note 7 so that users could not operate the gadget.
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Produk ini hanya tersedia di Shopee dan beberapa e-commerce yang bekerja sama dengan SICepat Ekspres.

February 23, 2020

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