Wednesday, 25 April 2018
ASPERINDO is Ready to Hold ShOP! Exhibition in August 2018

left-right: Director of Post, Ministry of Communication and Informatics Ikhsan Baidirus, Chariman of Asperindo M. Feriadi, Director General of Small-medium Industry, Ministry of Industry Gati Wibawaningsih, BNI Vice President of Small Enterprise Business and Asperindo host speaking (doc en)

In order to support Indonesia e-commerce industry development, Association of Indonesia’s Express Delivery, Post and Logistics Companies (ASPERINDO) and PT. Mediatama Binakreasi, an event organizer company, will hold ShOP! (Showcase of Online People) for the first time on 23 – 25 August 2018 at Hall 3A – ICE (Indonesia Convention Exhibition), BSD.

Carrying “Off to Global Online Market” theme, ShOP! will organize 200 exhibition booths that will be followed by hundreds of participants from all Indonesia e-commerce stakeholders’ representation.

ASPERINDO (Asosiasi Perusahaan Jasa Pengiriman Ekspres, Pos dan Logistik Indonesia), as a place for the national express goods and document delivery companies in both courier and cargo business, have important role in the industry.  

Muhammad Feriadi, Chairman of ASPERINDO said, “Several research agencies and media have explained about big potency in e-commerce in Indonesia. More than 500 post and logistic agencies, members and non-members of ASPERINDO that may have more than 40,000 branches, outlets and agents in all over Indonesia until remote areas, takes important role and is ready to support the e-commerce in Indonesia.” 
Relating to it, SHOP is expected to be able to meet and gather all e-commerce stakeholders. 

That is as ASPERINDO implementation to seek the development of local products contribution of Indonesian small-medium enterprises (UKM) in online marketplace, present experiences of collaborative exhibition from all stakeholders in e-commerce industry, and educate digital technology use in order to carry out the best cultures and works of the nation creative UKM to Global event. 

ShOP! also becomes a special event to discuss the tips to become a successful exporters and share exporters’ success stories. 

In the event, therefore, there was Indonesia UKM’s Global Course that brought “Peranan Platform E-commerce Internasional dalam Mendukung Produk Lokal Go Global” (The role of International E-commerce Platform to Support the Go Global Local Products) theme attended by more than 300 UKM participants. 

Other interesting programs in ShOP! were talk show, coaching clinic, and more.(en)

Author: Eko Nugroho
GO Ina

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