Wednesday, 30 March 2022
ASPERINDO’s 36th Anniversary, Improve The Synergy and Continue to Innovate

The Indonesian Express Couriers Association (ASPERINDO) celebrates its anniversary on 26 March every year. In the middle of the current situation and conditions of business, the celebration was conducted in a simple way at ASPERINDO’s Secretariat office that has been expanded a day before the donation program of 360 rice boxes to 5 locations in Jakarta.

In this opportunity, ASPERINDO members realized the steps to improve the national express, posts and logistics. Even though the economy situation is facing various challenges, ASPERINDO keep being energetic and optimistic to grow with the fundamental “Competition in Companionship”

Mohamad Feriadi Soeprapto, the Chairman of ASPERINDO, said, “In this current situation like the pandemic and others, we must always be grateful and pray for the actual steps, such as collaboration to grow the industry and the synergy of delivery services sustainably to give better services to people and optimize the business opportunity.”

Therefore, in this moment, ASPERINDO also inaugurated the joint venture with APP Jakarta Polytechnic in the Area of Implementation and Development of the Industrial Vocational Diploma I Equivalent Education Program. The agreement was signed by the Chairman of ASPERINDO and A.R. Arie Wicaksono, SKM, ST, MM, Assistant Director I APP Jakarta Polytechnic.


Furthermore, ASPERINDO also released the ASIS (ASPERINDO Secretariat Information System) Program for DPP, DPW and DPD bodies that is currently spread across Indonesia. ASIS is ASPERINDO’s achievement in the midst of various current challenges, is a system in the form of a website-based program that supports secretarial and organizational activities.

With a system that can make the organization’s performance more optimal, it is hoped that ASPERINDO as a partner of the government can maximize its participation in creating a healthy ecosystem for the express, postal and logistics service industry.

Feriadi also urges all companies, as the members, to continue to consolidate the operations in security and safety-oriented services by always carrying out health protocol. Likewise, the preparation of service infrastructure for the post-pandemic era, which is expected to increase the number of deliveries.

In addition, in accordance with the passion and commitment to optimize business opportunities, the Chairman of ASPERINDO continues to encourage its current 350 members to further increase real support for MSMEs that are currently selling their products online, both in online marketplaces or social media commerce or webstores.

“In this case, it is hoped that all ASPERINDO members will not only serve the needs of package delivery, but also take steps that can educate MSMEs to better understand the online world and also the current marketing strategy that continues to develop,” concluded Feriadi. (en)

Author: Martin Jop
GO Ina

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